NRI 4H Fair

Northern RI 4H Fair & Foster Old Home Days

NRI 4H Fair/ Foster Old Home Days

This fair is one of the 4 qualifying fairs in the State of Rhode Island. Children enrolled in the Rhode Island 4H, can participate in to qualify for Eastern States Expo (The Big E). It is also one of the oldest country fairs in the State of Rhode Island.

The Foster Old Home Days began in 1903 as a Fundraiser to raise money for repairs to the then Town Hall. The Fundraiser was a Chowder and Clam Cake Dinner, and the same dinner is server every Friday Night made from the original recipe.

The Foster Fair was discontinued for a while in the 1970s but returned as Old Home Days in 1981 and has been run by volunteers since then.




Admission is $5.00 per person

Under 12 FREE

Weekend passes are available for purchase at the gate for $10.00



The address of the Fair Grounds is 181 Howard Hill Road, Foster, RI 02825

Rt.6 West to Rt. 94 South to Fairgrounds

Rt 102 to Rt. 94 North to Fairgrounds

By Laws


NRI 4H Fair Bylaws

  Adopted: ​ November 12, 2012

 ARTICLE I:  Name and Objectives

 Section 1:​The name of this organization shall be NRI 4H Fair.

 Section 2.​This shall be a nonprofit organization.

 Section 3.​The objectives of this organization shall be:

 ​a.​ To provide a positive and constructive environment for the kids to develop leadership, ​responsibility and effective citizenship.​

 b.​ To provide educational opportunities for young people that participate in NRI 4H Fair, enabling them to become knowledgeable and skilled in their selected project areas.

 c. ​To provide information and training through participation in 4-H activities as members’ interests dictate.

 ​d. To help each member experience personal growth and achievement, as ​well as be of service to others.

 e. To raise funds to support such actions each year.

 ARTICLE II:  Participation

 Section 1.​This NRI 4H Fair will follow current Rhode Island 4-H policy requirements that define eligibility age for membership. Members will be accepted without regard to race, color, sex, disability, religion, or national origin. NRI 4H Fair will accept Cloverbud 4-H members. 

 Section 2.​Any age-eligible youth who has completed individual enrollment (including name and address) in an organized, ongoing local 4-H unit, and is aware of his/her involvement in 4-H is considered a 4-H member. New members must complete a 4-H Enrollment Form at their regular club meeting before being accepted to participate in NRI 4H Fair.  

 Section 3. Any participant wishing to participate in NRI 4H Fair must complete entry forms and produce a signed waiver. A supervising adult must sign each waiver.

 Section 4. NRI 4H Fair Committee reserves the right to accept or reject entries.

  ARTICLE III:  Officers and Elections

 Section 1.​The officers of the club shall be president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, reporter, fundraising coordinator, ribbon coordinator, and trophy coordinator

 Section 2.​Officers shall be elected annually from the membership.  Officers shall serve for a term of one year beginning October 1. Any person appointed to fill an un-expired term may be eligible for the same office the following year.

​Section 3.​The officers of the NRI 4H Fair shall constitute an executive committee.

 Section 4.​A member, appointed by the executive committee, shall fill any officer position that becomes vacant.

  Section 5.​The president, with the approval of the executive committee, may appoint up ​to four additional members to official leadership roles as the need arises.  ​Those appointed become members of the executive committee. 

 ARTICLE IV:  Duties of Officers

 Section 1.​Duties of the president shall be

 ​(a)​To preside at all meetings of the club, enforce the bylaws and exercise ​supervision over the affairs of the club.

​(b)​To appoint standing and special committees.

​(c)​To serve as an ex-officio member of each committee, except the ​nominating committee.​

Section 2.​Duties of the vice-president shall be

 ​(a)​To assist the president.

​(b)​To perform the duties of the president in the absence of that officer.

​(c)​To serve as chairman of the program committee.

​(d)​To serve as an ex-officio member of each committee, except the ​nominating committee.

 Section 3.​Duties of the secretary shall be

 ​(a)​To keep a full and correct record of all proceedings of the club.

​(b)​To have charge of club correspondence.

​(c)​To keep the roll and read the minutes at each meeting.

Section 4.​Duties of the treasurer shall be

 ​(a)​To help prepare a budget for approval by the club.

​(b)​To receive, hold and pay out all monies of the club as designated by the ​adopted budget.  The executive committee must approve any expenditure not included in the budget.

​(c)​To keep an accurate record of the receipt and expenditures of all funds.

​(d)​To present a financial statement when requested to do so.

​(e)​To serve as chairman of the finance committee.

  Section 5.​Duties of the reporter shall be

 ​(a)​To report activities of the club to local news media.

​(b) ​To report activities to the county Extension agent and/or in the county

​4-H newsletter.

Section 6.​Duties of the ribbons coordinator shall be

 ​(a)​To keep an accounting of ribbons

​(b)​To obtain ribbon count from supervisors

(c) To disburse ribbons to supervisors

Section 7.​Duties of the Trophy Coordinator

 ​​(a)​To keep an accounting of trophies

​(b)​To obtain trophies count from supervisors

(c) To disburse trophies to supervisors

(d) Obtain payment for trophies ordered

(e) Order and pick up trophies from supplier

 Section 8.​Duties of the animal/exhibit superintendents

The 4-H Superintendents [Beef, Sheep, Swine, Goat, Rabbit, Poultry, Horse, Dog and Exhibit Hall] shall be selected by a process agreed upon by the 4-H Council and Corporation. The 4-H Superintendents shall also serve as the Open Show Superintendents. The Adult Open Class Superintendent shall be nominated by the NRI 4H Fair Committee, with final confirmation of majority vote at a meeting of the Committee prior to the Annual Meeting. Superintendents may be re-appointed for consecutive terms.

Each Superintendent shall manage the division subject to the rules, regulations, by laws, and articles of incorporation of the Corporation, and where appropriate, the NRI 4-H Fair Committee.

(a)    Schedule judge to perform judging duties at the appropriate times

(b)   Inspect their barns and report any needed repairs to committee

(c)    Oversee the Clean up and prepare barns for fair

(d)   Coordinate, Organize and set up Class lists from entries.

(e)    Inspect all animals for sickness or injury prior to acceptance into fair, if Veterinarian is present, will assist the Veterinarian in checking in animals and paperwork.

(f)     Supervise actions of participants in appointed barn

(g)    Create lists of ribbons and trophies needed for shows

(h)    Report show results to NRI 4H Fair Committee

(i)      Obtain funding/donations for trophies

(j)     Submit an end of fair report

(k)   Make recommendations to NRI Fair Committee/suggest changes in fair book/schedule

(l)      Attend or send a representative of your division to the NRI 4H fair Committee meetings.

  ARTICLE V:  Committees and Duties

 Section 1.​The executive committee shall appoint all standing committees of the NRI 4H Fair, and shall consist of the following offices: president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer.

  Section 2.​Duties of the committee shall be

 ​(a)​Finance – The Committee shall have the responsibility of ​presenting a proposed budget to the club and arranging for an audit of ​the books when necessary.  The committee shall also review the​financial status of the NRI 4H Fair and make recommendations for fund-raising ​projects during the year.  The committee shall assist the treasurer in​completing the annual year-end reports to submit to the State of RI ​Extension Office.

​(b)​Membership –The Committee shall encourage every ​eligible in the neighborhood or community to become a NRI 4H Fair ​member.  The committee will also be responsible for securing and ​enrolling new members for the NRI 4H Fair, welcoming visitors and prospective ​members at NRI 4H Fair meetings, and providing new members with NRI 4H Fair ​information.

​(c)​Program – The Committee shall be responsible for all of the ​programs at the regular meetings.  This includes planning the year’s​programs at the beginning of the NRI 4H Fair year and being responsible for ​each program during the year.

(d)​Social – The Committee shall be responsible for providing recreation at each NRI 4H Fair meeting, for all special activities during the year, and for recruiting member families to provide refreshments and be hosts and hostesses for each regular meeting.

​(e)​Community Service – The Committee shall be ​responsible for planning community service activities to involve all​members of the NRI 4H Fair.  Those activities should help the members ​develop personally as well as benefiting the community and county.

  ARTICLE VI:  Meetings

 Section 1.​Regular meetings of NRI 4H Fair shall be held on the second Monday of each month @ 6:30pm.

  Section 2.​The president and/or the organizational club leader may call special meetings.

 Section 3.​ NRI 4H Fair meetings will include business, social, recreation, and learning activities.

 Section 4.​In order to conduct official business (vote, approve reports, etc.), a quorum of at least fifty percent (50%) of the total club membership must be present or be able to communicate their vote via phone (special arraignments need to be made prior to the meeting).

 ARTICLE VII:  Procedure

 Section 1:​Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised shall be the accepted authority in all ​matters pertaining to parliamentary procedure that are not specifically​covered in the club’s bylaws.

 Section 2:​The order of business for regular meetings is:


Call to order

Reflections or Inspiration

Roll call; determination of quorum

Reception of new members and recognition of guests

Reading and approval of minutes

Reports – officers, committees, projects groups, special activities, leaders

Unfinished business

New business



 ​This order of business may be altered.

 ARTICLE VIII:  Club Disbandment

 Should the NRI 4H Fair disband, all real property, including money, equipment and land, shall, within 30 days, become the property of the State of Rhode Island 4-H Program for care and disposition.  The real property will be transferred to Rhode Island 4H Foundation. The last official duty of the club’s organizational leader shall be to affect the transfer of club property and to turn over all club records to the Rhode Island 4H Foundation.

  ARTICLE IX: Amendments

 Section 1:  NRI 4-H Fair will not assume responsibility for items stolen, damaged or lost. All possible precautions will be taken to safeguard items exhibited.

 a. Behavior of Exhibitors: Participation in 4-H Exhibit Events is a chance to show the public the best of 4-H. No alcohol or drugs will be allowed, and actions must be cooperative and helpful. The 4-H Superintendent has the authority to take such disciplinary action as may be necessary to enforce such rules.

 b. Disciplinary Actions: Inappropriate language or conduct by exhibitors or parents is prohibited, and may be grounds for disqualification or expulsion. Consumption of alcohol or the use of and/or illegal drugs on the premises will result in automatic disqualification of the exhibitor. Willful violation of the rules will be subject to disciplinary action, including the refusal of entries or the removal of entries at the NRI 4H Fair.

 c. Interpretation of rules and decisions about questions not specifically covered in the rules are the responsibility of the superintendent. If a situation cannot be resolved, the superintendent should first contact the NRI 4-H Fair Committee, and then if needed, the NRI 4-H Fair Committee will contact the State 4-H Office. 

 Section 2:​These bylaws may be amended at any regular or special meeting of the committee by a two-thirds vote of the members present, provided that the proposed amendments have been presented to the committee in writing and filed with the secretary at the previous meeting of the club.  A quorum must be present for the vote. Amendments must not conflict with 4-H philosophy, rules or policy.